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The New Work of the Nonprofit Board by Barbara E. Taylor , Richard P. Chait and Thomas P. Holland


Make the CEO paint the big picture Get to know key stakeholders Consult experts Decide what needs to be measured Act on what matters. Organize around what matters. Focus meetings on what matters. We need more background to make a decision We don’t know what to do about a current problem We face a crisis We need to deal with sensitive governance issues Leading the Way


Nonprofit boards are often little more than a collection of high-powered people engaged in low-level activities.
The key to improved performance is discovering and doing what we call the new work of the board.
The new work has four basic characteristics. First, it concerns itself with crucial, do-or-die issues central to the institution’s success. Second, it is driven by results that are linked to defined timetables. Third, it has clear measures of success. Finally, it requires the engagement of the organization’s internal and external constituencies. The new work generates high levels of interest and demands broad participation and widespread support.



正直原文は読解が難しいと感じていたのですが、2020年1月に 一般社団法人WIT さんが日本語版を出してくださっていたので大変助かりました。



タイプⅠ(受託モード)>有形資産の管理人 タイプⅡ(戦略モード)>運営者との戦略的パートナー タイプⅢ(創発モード)>組織のリーダーシップの源泉



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